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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pinterest finally comes to Android, iPad

Good news for mobile users of fast-growing social networking site Pinterest: it’s finally coming to devices running Google’s Android and Apple’s iPad.
The new app for Android in particular involved a full redesign so Android users can take full advantage of the social network’s features, tech site Mashable noted.
“Announced at a summer party at Pinterest’s new San Francisco headquarters, the Android app represents a complete redesign of the app from the ground up, this time designed specifically for Android,” it said.
It said the Android app has been in the works for some time, and was even rumored to be coming late last month at Google’s I/O developers’ conference.
Pinterest’s app for the iPad was also relatively new as it already has an app for Apple’s iPhone.
Mashable noted Pinterest is still relatively new, as shown by its launching of new features by talking about them on its Facebook wall and then waiting for comments.
But it also said Pinterest has received many requests for an Android app.
“The requests are so common that it has become a Pinterest in-office joke with each launch: How long will it take for someone to ask for an Android app?” it said.
Last May, Pinterest raised $100 million in a round of funding that values the company at $1.5 billion. Originally an invite-only service, on Aug. 8 Pinterest went public for everyone without an invitation.

1 Million Public Transit Stops Now on Google Maps for Android

Share1 digg 1 Million Public Transit Stop on Google Maps for Android Although it is often regarded as a feature rather than the robust standalone product that it is, the power of Google Maps as one of the most valuable pieces in the company's digital ecosystem cannot be underestimated. From mapping routes to your next destination, to pinpointing the location of businesses or historic sites, Google Maps has become an essential tool for even the most casual smartphone user.
Recognizing the public's heavy reliance on the application, Google has made it easier to use the transit information feature on Android devices, and now has schedules for more than 1 million public transit stops worldwide.
The new version of Google Maps on Android allows you to highlight a single mode of transportation (subway, bus, or train), temporarily hiding the other transit information, thus making it easier to map your destination. If you've ever used Google Maps to actually get to a particular location in a major city packed with a myriad of transit options, this new mobile feature will come as welcome news.
The information isn't limited to the U.S. Google has teamed with transit authorities around the world, including public transport hubs such as Tokyo, London, and Sydney, Australia, to provide a rich database of transit information no matter what region you're traversing.
The international nature of the rollout is important. In Tokyo's case, non-Japanese commuters have generally relied on services like Jorudan to plot train routes through Tokyo's exceedingly complicated rail system. Using the new Google Maps functionality on Android, international users in far-flung countries can view up-to-date transit information that also connects to Google's larger suite of services in English and other languages.
Another helpful feature included in the update allows you to highlight an entire area of a city based on its postal code, a vital tool when attempting to navigate tricky directions in an unfamiliar city. You can also enable a feature called Location History that lets you review the places you've been on your Google Maps dashboard. The update is now available for download in Google Play.