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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Android 2.3 upgrade list: Is your phone getting Gingerbread?

After months of warming in the oven, Google's Android 2.3 operating system -- better known as Android Gingerbread -- is finally starting to make its way to handsets around the world.

Android 2.3 provides faster speed, better battery life, and a refreshed user interface. It also introduces a new and improved keyboard with a more intelligent cut-and-paste system. More Gingerbread goodness may be on the way, too: Google is believed to be working on a follow-up release numbered Android 2.4.

So how do you know if your phone will get the upgrade -- and if so, when? We've made it easy. This list has everything there is to know about the Gingerbread upgrade, broken down by device. It'll be updated regularly as new info becomes available, so you can always check in to get the latest info on your phone's status.

Want a more detailed look at Android 2.3 and what it'll do for your phone? Click over to our Android Gingerbread FAQ. And when you're ready for a real eye-opener, be sure to check out our in-depth report: Android upgrades: Which manufacturers can you trust?

[Page last updated: April 5, 2011]

Android 2.3 Upgrade List: Phones That Have Received (or Are Receiving) Gingerbread

• HTC Nexus One: After a longer-than-expected delay -- from users' perspectives, at least -- Google started sending the Android 2.3 upgrade to its Nexus One flagship phone on February 22, 2011.

• Samsung Nexus S: Though the Nexus S shipped with Android 2.3 already installed, the device received an over-the-air upgrade to Android 2.3.3 in late February. The 2.3.3 update enabled new Near Field Communications capabilities and included a handful of other minor tweaks.

Android 2.3 Upgrade List: Phones Expected to Get Gingerbread

• LG Optimus 2X: The LG Optimus 2X -- known in the U.S. as the T-Mobile G2X -- is confirmed to be in-line for the Android 2.3 upgrade. No specific launch date has been announced so far.

• LG Optimus Black: Despite the fact that it ships with Froyo, LG's upcoming Optimus Black smartphone will eventually enjoy the taste of Gingerbread, LG has confirmed. No specific date has been announced.

• LG Optimus One: LG has confirmed that all of its Optimus One phones will receive the Android 2.3 upgrade at some point in the foreseeable future. This includes the Optimus S on Sprint, the Optimus T on T-Mobile, and the LG Vortex on Verizon, as well as the Optimus C on Cricket Wireless, the Optimus M on MetroPCS, the Optimus U on U.S. Cellular, and the Optimus V on Virgin Mobile. LG has not announced any specific time frame for the Gingerbread rollout, saying only that details will be "announced locally in due course."

• HTC Desire HD: HTC has gone on the record as saying its European Desire HD phone will feast on Gingerbread sometime in the second quarter of 2011. Some French sites have reported that the upgrade could come as early as April, though that timing has not been officially confirmed.

• HTC Desire: HTC says its original Desire Android phone will receive the Android 2.3 upgrade, according to a spokesperson quoted in tech blog SlashGear. The update is said to be scheduled for sometime in the second quarter. British carrier Three also sent a tweet in early April stating that Gingerbread was "coming in for testing" on April 4 and should be sent out to users around the "end of April" or "early May."

• HTC Desire Z: The Desire Z is on-track to get Gingerbread, according to an HTC spokesperson quoted at SlashGear. The Desire Z's update is said to be scheduled for sometime in the second quarter.

• HTC Droid Incredible: According to an email said to be from an HTC rep and published by Android blog, the HTC Droid Incredible is set to receive the Gingerbread upgrade. The email says the upgrade will be made available "before the end of the second quarter of this year." Neither HTC nor Verizon has officially confirmed that information.

• HTC EVO 4G: While Sprint and HTC have stayed fairly quiet on the EVO's Gingerbread status, the phone certainly seems poised to receive an Android 2.3 upgrade. A small tech blog, citing a conversation with an HTC employee at the CTIA mobile tech show in March, suggests the upgrade could arrive sometime after the launch of HTC's new EVO 3D device. An email purportedly sent from HTC and leaked to another website, meanwhile, points to a possible second quarter rollout.

• HTC Incredible S: The HTC Incredible S -- rumored to be headed to Verizon as the Droid Incredible 2 -- will be bumped to Gingerbread "soon after" its release, according to HTC. A company spokesperson has been quoted as saying the Android 2.3 upgrade (or possibly Android 2.4 upgrade) will be rolled out sometime in the second quarter of 2011. Some rumors have suggested the Verizon version could arrive with Gingerbread already intact, but that information has not been confirmed.

• HTC Thunderbolt: An email said to be from an HTC rep and published at Android blog claims the HTC Thunderbolt will get its Android 2.3 upgrade sometime in the second quarter of 2011.

• Motorola Atrix 4G: Motorola has indicated it plans to upgrade its AT&T-based Atrix 4G phone to Android 2.3 at some point in the future. No specific date, however, has been announced.

• Motorola Droid 2: While we've heard no official word about Android 2.3 upgrade plans for Motorola's Droid 2, some Android blogs have posted leaked versions of a Gingerbread update apparently customized for the phone. It's not entirely clear if the update is official or final, but many Android enthusiasts are taking it as a sign that something is a-cookin'.

• Motorola Droid X: Numerous rumors have circulated in the blogosphere about possible Gingerbread rollouts for Verizon's Motorola Droid X, with the latest having pointed to March 27 as the day to watch. That date, of course, didn't end up panning out -- but leaked versions of the Android 2.3 software apparently customized for the Droid X do add weight to the notion that an update is in the works.

• Samsung Galaxy Player: It isn't technically a phone, but Samsung's new Galaxy Player Android device will be upgradeable to Android 2.3, according to a press release put out by the company. No target date has been announced.

• Samsung Galaxy S: All signs point to Gingerbread being in the cards for Samsung's popular Galaxy S line of phones. That includes the Samsung Captivate on AT&T, Samsung Epic 4G on Sprint, Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile, and Samsung Fascinate on Verizon (which as of now has yet to even receive Froyo). Rumors started popping up in January suggesting some Galaxy S phones could see an Android 2.3 upgrade as early as March or April. Samsung's official Samsung Mobile India Twitter account, meanwhile, has stated numerous times that the Galaxy S will receive Gingerbread -- version 2.3.3 -- but that a definite launch date has not been set. Samsung's Romanian Facebook page has issued similar promises. And in late March, software said to be a leaked version of Samsung's official Galaxy S Gingerbread update surfaced on an Android developers' forum, heightening speculation that a rollout could be near.

• Sony Xperia X10: Sony disappointed countless customers when it said its Xperia X10 line of phones wouldn't be upgraded past Android 2.1 earlier this year. Now, however, Sony has reconsidered its stance and said it will upgrade the Xperia X10 to Android 2.3. According to a company blog posted in late March, Android 2.3 -- 2.3.3, to be specific -- will hit Xperia X10 phones late in the second quarter or early in the third quarter of 2011. Before you get too excited, though, note that Sony says the upgrade will be delivered to "generic trade versions" of the phone -- and that carrier-customized versions may or may not be included. "We will have to get back with more information on this at a later stage," Sony says, "but we want to be very clear already at this stage on the fact that some of you may not get this upgrade." Sony also notes that Xperia X10 phones will not be upgraded again beyond the Gingerbread level.

Android 2.3 Upgrade List: Phones Where Gingerbread Looks Iffy

• Motorola Backflip: Neither Motorola nor AT&T has said a word about the Backflip even receiving Froyo -- so while there's no official denial of Gingerbread for the device, a 2.3 upgrade certainly doesn't seem like a strong possibility.

• Motorola Cliq: Motorola accidentally announced a Froyo upgrade for the original Cliq last fall, then quickly deleted the apparently typo-caused mention. Since that time, the phone has been stagnant at the 2.1-level on Motorola's corporate upgrade list -- a sign that isn't very encouraging when it comes to the newer 2.3 release.

Android 2.3 Upgrade List: Phones Not Expected To Get Gingerbread

• HTC Droid Eris: Verizon has confirmed that its HTC Droid Eris device will not receive even the Froyo upgrade. The phone is no longer sold by the carrier.

• HTC G1: The T-Mobile G1 was denied Froyo due to hardware limitations, and the same restrictions will keep Gingerbread from officially reaching the device. "Like Froyo, Gingerbread is too large to fit on the G1's system storage," Android team member Dan Morrill explained via Twitter.

• HTC Hero: The Hero got a "no" for Froyo, so it seems safe to say the phone won't be receiving Gingerbread, either.

• Motorola Charm: The Charm will not receive upgrades beyond its current 2.1 level, according to Motorola.

• Motorola Cliq XT: Motorola said Froyo "could not meet the basic performance standards required" while running on its Cliq XT device. As such, the phone is now set to remain at Android 1.5, the company has confirmed.

• Motorola Devour: Motorola says the Devour will remain on Android 1.6.

• Motorola Flipout: The Flipout will not receive upgrades beyond its current 2.1 level, according to Motorola.

• Motorola i1: The Motorola i1 will remain on Android 1.5, Moto says.

• Motorola Milestone XT720: Motorola has said its XT720 tablet phone won't be upgraded beyond its current 2.1 level.

• Samsung Behold II: Samsung has confirmed its Behold II handset won't be upgraded beyond Android 1.6.

• Samsung Moment: Like the HTC Hero, the Moment was given a no-go for Froyo and consequently isn't likely to receive Gingerbread.

• Sony Xperia X10 Mini and Xperia X10 Mini Pro: Though it changed its mind on its upgrade stance for the Xperia X10, Sony says it's sticking to its guns with the X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro; neither device is scheduled to receive the Android 2.3 upgrade. "We have had to prioritize our resources and have therefore focused on delivering the upgrade to Xperia X10," Sony says.

Android 2.3 Upgrade List: The Rest of the Phones

If a phone isn't listed here -- like the original Motorola Droid, for example -- it's likely because there just isn't much clear info available yet about its fate. Odds are, we'll soon be hearing more and more details with each passing week.

Android Power TwitterSo set your bookmarks now: I'll continue updating this page as new information becomes available for any Android device. You can also follow @AndroidPower on Twitter to get notified by tweet when changes are made.

I can promise you one thing: This list will evolve quickly and frequently. Stay tuned.


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