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Sunday, July 17, 2011

550.000 Android units activated daily

Vice-President of the mobile phone division from Google, Andy Rubin, announced the statistics of Android units. According to the statement, every day, there are 550.000 units that are activated and more, it seems that the percentage rising of the Android activations is over four percent every week.

According to News Factor, the new statistic from Google is not very good news for the main competitor Apple. According to the analysts, the impressive level that the activation reached is mainly owed to the great dynamic that Google has got on the emerging markets in the entire world and on the other hand the variation of the devices that are using the Android system in all the corners of the world.

The four percent raising that Android is exceeds every week is for certain a scary statistic for Apple, that, according to the analysts can reach the Google’s statistic because of the slow runs of their devices that are losing more and more ground in front of the Google’s units.

The statistics were presented into a special meeting in which Google announce the estimations for the second trimester of this year. According to the official statement, Google had a gross profit of 2.21 billion dollars, having an amount with 36 percent over the initial estimations, according to another source,

These profits aren’t only from the Android unit’s activations and from the advertising strategy of Google. More, it seems that the 550.000 daily activations that Google had is an amount that is exceeds the statistics from the last month, when there were only 500.000 units activated every day and this might be considered a record for Google.

This means that, in the entire world, there are in this moment almost 135 million Android units that are active. More, Google made other statistics regarding the application downloads and it seems that the Smartphone users with the Google platform included downloaded six millions applications from Android Market.

Even so, the skeptical experts of Android units thinks that a weak point for the devices are the related tablets of the operational system, that aren’t very popular despite of the assumptions that Google will repeat automat the success that they had on the phone segment.

More, the research companies in the mobile phone devices are showing that iPhone is regaining ground after it was in the shadow for a very long time, in which the Android units had a lot of success.


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