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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Unique Os Style Revealed During Google, Oracle Trial

New images unveiled by Oracles’s trial situation against The search engines indicate that Os was merely a duplicated of BlackBerry cell mobile phones before the iPhone unveiled up. The images display Google’s exclusive objective in 2006 to existing a phone with a BlackBerry-like key pad and display, one of the well-known cellular cell mobile phones at the time.

The google just didn't plan for its cellular cellphone to have touchscreens at first, according to the information specific by The Verge, and would have provided average specifications for cellular mobile phones coming back in 2006, along with a 200MHz brand, 64MB of RAM, a 2-megapixel camera and a miniSD position for external storage. Higher-end models would have had Wifi 2.0, GPS and Wi-Fi relationship.

Another set of images taken in 2006 and 2007 revealed from Oracle’s suit against The google over its use of Java in Os shows program elements that can be handled with a online pad alone. Oracle is declaring The google attractive value from Java when building Os.

Google structured to launch Os in the summer of 2007 but the overall look of the all-touchscreen iPhone designed that Os had to go coming back to the showing section. Later that period, The google modified its mind and mentioned in an Os specifications documents that touchscreen display screen display would be strengthened, but unique real option will be needed, as “a touchscreen display screen display cannot completely alternative real management control buttons.”

Then, in early 2008, The google revealed an Os model that could be handled with a touchscreen display screen display, but still had a BlackBerry form factor and management control buttons. Only later that period The google revealed what was to become the T-Mobile G1, the first Os cellphone. Even in Oct 2008, with a full touchscreen display screen display program, you had to change the laptop key pad out to type text, as a soft key pad for Os came with version 1.5 last year.

From here on, the rest is history, as Eric Schmidt, then us chief executive of The google, reconciled from Apple's section of staff, where he has been placed since 2006, due to the real interests between the two organizations, and Android’s meteoric rise to management the cellular cellphone market. Later Apple started suing Os organizations for “slavishly copying” the iPhone, but it has yet to sue The google itself.


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