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Monday, April 26, 2010

Have a gallery on your website

If you like taking pictures with your camera, your website may be the perfect place to show them! With the help of gallery software on your website, you can quickly upload and conveniently arrange you pictures in albums.

Through your gallery on your website, you can easily make your photos accessible to friends from all over the world! Instead of attaching your photos one-at-a-time to email messages, you can simply give your friends a link (the URL of your website) and show them how wonderful your summer vacation was, how your baby is growing up, or how much fun you had at the last party.

How to create an online gallery?

It's actually very simple! There are lots of free gallery scripts that allow you to have a full-featured gallery on your website without any effort. You just download and install some files and your site is up and running! To make it even easier for you, SiteGround image hosting services include free gallery installation on your website.

To help you find the best gallery script for your website, we have featured the two most popular and user-friendly ones. Any of the two scripts is a powerful tool for uploading, organizing, and managing your photos online.

SiteGround also provides free tutorials to help you manage your gallery:


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