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Monday, April 26, 2010

Have a personal email

Having a personal email on your domain is a really smart way to make use of your web space! Your email address reveals your unique online identity to the your message recipient. Instead of having a meaningless ID on your yahoo mail like, you may have an easily memorable address like,, or anything that shows who you really are to the email recipient.

Having a personal email is really essential for people who do business! It looks much more professional to send messages via your personal email (on your company's domain) when communicating with your business partners, sponsors, and clients.

Having a personal email is also a convenience. Unlike the Google and Yahoo emails, you will be able to reach your personal email both via webmail access and via convenient mail clients like Outlook express, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. Also, the email address you have on your domain name will not show any ads which lower the speed of your Internet connection and lose your time.

How to create a personal email account?

You may have your personal email address in less than 20 minutes! You only need to have email hosting space and a domain. Then, you may create your email account(s) from the control panel of your hosting account, or contact the SiteGround support team to create your personal email address.

To get detailed instructions on how to create and configure your personal email by yourself, please click below:


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