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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OpenSocial Gadgets in Eclipse E4

Eclipse E4 allow to integrate OpenSocial Gadgets into views. To use this feature download the latest milestone from Eclipse E4 as described in Eclipse E4 tutorial .

Start Eclipse E4. To open a social gadget in E4 use Ctrl+3 type "Open Gadget" and input for example "".


Eclipse E4 allows to host the XML file also locally. Just use the file:// URL, e.g. /c:/temp/gadgets/gift_part3.xml to open the Gadget in Eclipse.


You can find the url to a OpenSocial Gadgets via your iGoogle page. Select your Gadget, select "Share this gadget" from the gadget menu, then click "copy and paste a link to this gadget" and copy the URL after "moduleurl".

The result looks like the following.


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