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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OpenSocial Gadgets

OpenSocial Gadgets are part of the Open Social initiative. OpenSocial Gadgets are web based UI components. A Gadget is defined via a XML file which contains a header with definitions of the Gadget and an embedded content payload. This payload is a combination of HTML and JavaScript which defines the gadgets look and behavior.

A very simple Gadget looks like this.


A Gadget has always the root tag . This root tag contains a and a section. The ModulePrefs contains information which OpenSocial features are required by the module and information about the author. The content section contains the actual HTML and JavaScript.

A Gadget is hosted in a server infrastructure to provide its data. A web page that hosts gadgets is called an OpenSocial.

Most websites which work as a OpenSocial Container uses the Apache Shinding reference implementation.

For example the iGoogle , LinkedIn, MySpace, orkut, XING can host OpenSocial Gadgets. The only exception is Facebook; they have their own standard.

For detailed information you can read the latest released Open Social Specification .

Open Gadgets Gadgets are specified in OpenSocial Gadgets API Specification .


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