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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Google pulls 56 malicious apps from Android Marketplace Its Amazing

According to reports from Android Police and mobile security vendor Lookout, more than 50 stolen Android applications have been removed from the Android Marketplace for containing Malware. The malicious code has the ability to steal sensitive information and open a backdoor to the device.

The initial warning about rogue Android applications came from a user on Reddit who noticed pirated versions of legit application were being posted by developer Myournet. The Reddit user, Lompolo, dug into the source of the stolen apps and discovered code that allowed them to circumvent Android’s security sandbox. From there, Android Police investigated the incident further, and discovered more malicious activities.

The Android Police report says that in addition to rooting the device, the Malware embedded within the pirated applications will swipe the product ID, model, language, country, and userID. Moreover, it has the ability to download further code, thanks to a backdoor that is created. At best count, the applications were downloaded by anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 people.

Mobile security vendor Lookout addressed the discovery of the Malware by giving it a name and releasing an over-the-air update to protect their users. The Malware, dubbed by Lookout as DroidDream, was also discovered within applications being offered by two other developers, Kingmall2010 and we20090202.

Google reacted by pulling the applications from the market and initiating their remote removal processes. However, there is no way to tell how many were actually victimized by the Malware, despite download counts.

A full list of pirated and malicious applications can be found here.


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