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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The google VP Quality recipes On Os Product and App Strategy

BARCELONA—Android is tremendous here at Mobile Group The legislature. There are Os cell phone gadgets and products everywhere, but we still aren't seeing a lot of Os products in Nationwide clients' hands and fingers and hands. One of The search engines tasks here at the screen is to try to modify that.

Yesterday at MWC I mentioned with Hiroshi Lockheimer, The search engines Vice Us president of Technology, Os, and expected him as many complicated issues as I could. Rather than describing, I'll offer you with the solutions in his own conditions, customized for length. Here's what Lockheimer considers about whether the Ebook reader Relationship is truly Os, the important ideas behind Os products, why there's such a huge gap between the Galaxy Nexus and other cell phone gadgets getting Ice Cream Meals, and whether the Os Industry needs an update to better screen item applications.

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PCMag: What could modify the position of Os products in the market?

Hiroshi Lockheimer: When we released Os again in 2008, [we saw that] it needs a while for an environment of that kind to throw up. I think we're seeing the same element with products, where it's a new kind element, the organizations are getting knowledgeable to it and app developers are identifying the best way to write their applications for Os products and so on and so forth.

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There's just a regular amount that elements take. With regards to what we're working on for example of what we're doing there is around content. A lot of people like to eat content on products. It is a great concept, right? As you know, last interval we released video clips video rental store, for example. We'll keep spend powerfully in those kinds of technical advancement to make more content available for more products. That's a big design for us this interval.

The app developers are coming up to amount on certain applications. By the way, a lot of applications run fantastic on both. Os has been developed since day one to support various layouts and screen designs and elements like that. It's not just one screen sizing, it's many. Even before products revealed up, that's how our program was developed. A lot of applications just execute fantastic. But if there are certain applications that want to further increase for different screen designs they can do that.

Q: How do I find out applications developed with products in mind?

A: This is the impediment. How do you identify an app that was developed with a item in mind? Because there are just so many applications which execute fantastic on both cell phone gadgets and products as they were developed at first. Before Honeycomb sustained, there were applications released to our content management environment that execute well on products nowadays and the designer didn't have to do a element. So how to switch that, I think, is a complicated element. There are so many applications—450,000—and a lot of those applications execute fantastic on products. So to have a position in Industry that is your item applications, I don't know what wide range that would be. It would be a very, very big wide range which would seem like a duplication of the Industry.

Q: Are there any new tasks coming this interval to inspire more applications for tablets?

A: With cell phone gadgets there's Gingerbread, with products we started with Honeycomb, and with Ice Cream Meals we particular that experience. That's certainly a tremendous stage in circumstances of developers writing applications. It is now an rumours that there is no modify between a mobile phone and item. There is just one OS.

Q: Ice Cream Meals was released many months ago, but we've seen very few ICS gadgets available that you can buy. When do you see the big client wide range displaying and is there anything The google can do to help the OEMs reduce the gap?

A: With regards to Ice Cream Meals, that's one of the designs for this The legislature. OEMs are saying these gadgets, so there's very fast using of Ice Cream Meals. With regards to what we are doing to help OEMs and genuinely the whole ecosystem—there's workers, the chipset organizations, a lot of players involved—it's a tube, these upgrades, and [the fans are] something that we execute very properly with, we're very passionate about. Once we launch a new version, we want it to be out there.

Q: A affiliate from New new samsung advised me that when you make a Nexus, the OS is only improved for that particular chipset. Could you modify the timeframe, so when you talk about an handling program, it's better being available on a wide range of different hardware?

A: Do you get something out there right away, or do you do everything at once? Our point of perspective is to get upgrades to end clients as quickly as possible. Have you noticed of the "lead program concept"? The Nexus S, the Galaxy Nexus...what we do is we make a new version of the handling program along with a particular program and a particular launch affiliate in the proprietor. And the objective we do that is that we believe it's really useful from a fantastic and robustness point of perspective to make an handling program in the viewpoint of a item rather than in the conclusion.

We take a program and absolutely commercialize it with our fans so that we can comprehend and increase the handling program such that when it's available to clients, it's been really through the whole evaluate process. When we do one cause program, there can only be one chipset in a program, so that's form of the regular outcomes from that.

Q: Could you offer the program to other chipset organizations in parallel?

A: There are different elements of the program that are developed...the kernel, the SDK aspect, there are the applications, and different elements of the selection, and what we like to do is launch the OS as a whole when it's ready. And our information of when it's ready is when we've done that cause program.

Q: Will we see a Nexus-branded tablet?

A: We have nothing post currently.

Q: Do you switch OEMs and chipset solutions for cause devices?

A: What we focus on is providing what we believe will be the best experience for the individual sometimes. That indicates we will select what we believe are the best solutions. Typically, if you look at it, we released 2008 with HTC, Qualcomm, and T-Mobile, then it was New new samsung, TI, and Verizon. Most lately it's been New new samsung and TI, and Verizon again. It really comes down to every item is unique and every interval elements are different, the earth is different, and we select what we believe are the best solutions. It really comes down to how to create the best product?

Q: So there's no conscious considered like "we had Qualcomm for the last one, Qualcomm's out of the handling for this one"?

A: There's no certain concept.

Q: When a lot of people talk about the best Os products, they immediately think of the Ebook reader Relationship and the Barnes & Pretty excellent Place System. Are you employing those organizations at all? Do you consider them element of the Os ecosystem?

A: We deal with a lot of fans, and how to identify in the periods and out of the periods. It's market where there's a lot of players, and we accomplish with very much everyone. That's element of what we do at these conferences; I spend time employing fans. I'm not sure how to switch in when in comparison to out.

Q: Do you consider Amazon and Barnes & Pretty excellent partners? Do you talk about to them?

A: Really, we talk about to them.

Q: Do you consider those products to be Os devices?

A: Well, they're handling Os. They take the no cost value, they run Os, just like there are many gadgets out there that run Os. Do they have Os Industry on them? No. Do they have Googlemail on them? No.

Q: How do you want clients to think of Os products, by the end of the year?

A: The point of perspective behind Os is that there is no one canonical item or one canonical mobile phone. It's about choice, and about modify. It's about organizations creating products that they believe should be developed, that they believe clients want. I don't think there's one react to that really.

Q: Should we predict to see more Os reviews at The google I/O?

A: The google I/O is a designer focused incident, as you know. Typically we've mentioned topics that are important to developers.

Q: Typically you've also announced new Os techniques at The google I/O.

A: I think so. In some circumstances. We'll see. At this element, I don't even know what we're saying.


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