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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mint's Os Supplement App Wrangles Your Finances, an online personal money product offered by Intuit, Friday released an plan particularly for Os items. The free plan provides a number of's best functions to Google-powered items, and gives the financially driven another street through which to view and manage their expenditures. for Os items allows clients to organize all their information in one place and viewpoint information such as consideration charges. The app provides particular index charts that allow clients to schedule into committing by kinds, such as food, apparel, entertainment, take a trip, and so on. It can help assess committing over time and provide customized views to help better think about economical workouts.

Need to observe how much cash you're spending? allows customers get into each cash purchases while on the go to more completely get committing. It can then help set up personalized costs so that customers are better able to stay on top of committing.

Push announcements will aid customers when it comes time to pay expenses or stay up with their latest factor data. Shows can be set to stream to it according to factor action and make sure people have the most current information about their information.

The search products is particularly valuable. With it, customers can parse through purchases to find specific purchases, purchases, or monthly payments according to user-generated tag ideas, types, or even by source. The app conveys with the online version of, but also stores information in the area so that it can be used when there's no Also.

"As supplement use goes up, more mobile-savvy people will look for ways to deal with their life across several devices, so we designed our Os supplement app to bring simple management options to their advantage," said Aaron Forth, gm of Intuit's personal cash team.

With the addition of the Os supplement application, now offers programs for Apple iOS smartphones available that you can buy on the industry and products, and Os smartphones available that you can buy on the industry. These dedicated professional will help's 8 million customers stay on top of their economical conditions.

Intuit published in 2007, and since then it has been used to observe nearly $1 billion us $ $ $ $ dollars in purchases and $485 billion us $ $ $ $ dollars in loans and options for its customers. Intuit says is so effective that more than 90% of customers say they have personalized their economical workouts as a result of using the support.

In other ideas, if you're looking for a personal cash products that works online and via cell phone, would be a start. It doesn't damage that the support and programs are provided for free.


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