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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How to backup the template

If you were interested to replace new template or want to redesign your template, It is best to backup your template before you changing any code. this step was as prevented to reduce the fatal risk if the mistake happening in redesign or changing your template. For you that did not yet know how to backup your template, please followed steps below :

  1. Login to blogger with your ID

  2. After entering the dasboard page , click Layout. Please saw the picture :

  3. Then click edit HTML tab. Please saw the picture :

  4. Click the Download full template link. Please saw the picture :

  5. After you click Download full template link, then will emerge new window just to download. Click the Save button. Saw the picture :

  6. You could choose this data would in kept where and with what file name what, Afterwards ended with click of the Save button. Please saw the picture :

  7. Finish.

Now you had back up the template, if next time you needed him, you could use this came back. But must be known, backing up the template like steps above could not back up the data inside widget. How to back up the data widget? This would in discussed in next post.

See you at my next post .


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