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Saturday, February 13, 2010

How to Upload an Image to Image Hosting

Hi brother/sister meet you again at my new tips. In this opportunity I will try to give you a tips about how to upload an image/picture to image hosting.

if you have an image or picture in your computer and wish in presenting online on internet, hence you must upload that image to image hosting as the server. Free image hosting is very much, and the most popular is such as Yahoo Geocities, google page creator, image hack, photobucket, and etc. To upload an image to their server, first step is you must registered at that site.

However, for this post i will only write how about an image/picture uploaded to Yahoo Geocities. First you must have an account at yahoo! Don't have a Yahoo! ID? Sign up here. Now I assume you have had an account in yahoo. For upload to Yahoo Geocities please follow the step below :

  1. Please login to Yahoo geocities with your ID.

  2. Click "Manage" tab at yahoo control panel. See the picture :
  3. yahoo control panel

  4. Click "Easy Upload". See the pictute :
  5. Easy Upload

  6. Click "Browse" button, insert image file at your computer and then click "Upload File". See the picture :
  7. Upload file

  8. If your upload has been succes will show a display, click at "File Manager"
  9. Upload result

  10. Right click at "View" link, then "Copy shoertcut", open your "Notepad" and then paste at notepad. That is your Image URL. See the picture (please click at the image for large image):
  11. view

  12. Now you have had an image URL.

How to display/show your image URL at your blog? allright this is the steps :

Example, I have an image URL like this :

to display this URL, only make the code like this :

Result :

For good SEO (search engine optization), always use "Alt="..."" tag at every your image. With "Alt="..."" tag, if the mouse computer drop to the image, that is will appear the title of "Alt="..."". For example :

alt="blog tutorial">

Result, please drop your computer mouse to the image, that is will appear a title of the image:

blog tutorial

Do the image can be made to link? the answer is yes.

For example, i will made a link from the above image to my other blog, the URL is This is the code :">blog tutorial

Result, please drop your computer mouse to the image and then click, you will visit my other blog :

blog tutorial

If you do the step above, your page will be lost and will change with new page. If you want your page not be lost when the image link clicked, you must add "target="_blank"" at the code, example :

target="_blank">blog tutorial

Result, please drop your computer mouse to the image and then click, you will visit my other blog but this page will not be lost (open new page/window) :

blog tutorial

Remember. To do this tutorial, if you want to display the image at your post, you must at edit html, and if the image will show at sidebar, please choose "HTML/Javascript"

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For today I think is enought, see you at my other tips. happy blogging.


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