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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Content Assists and Quick Fix

For a list of the most important Eclipse shortcuts please see Eclipse Shortcuts

4.1. Content assist

The content assistant allows you to get input help in an editor. It can be invoked by CTRL + Space.

For example type syso and then press [Ctrl + Space] and it will be replaced by System.out.println(""). Or if you have an object, e.g. Person P and need to see the methods of this object you can type p. (or press CTRL + Space) which activates also the content assist.

4.2. Quick Fix

Whenever there is a problem Eclipse will underline the problematic place in the coding. Select this and press (Ctrl+1)

For example type "myBoolean = true;" If myBoolean is not yet defined, Eclipse will highlight it as an error. Select the variable and press "Ctrn+1", then Eclipse will suggest to create a field or local variable.

Quick Fix is extremely powerful, it allows you to create new local / field variables, new methods, classes, put try and catch around your exceptions, assign a statement to a variable etc.


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