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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Updates and Installation of Plugins

6.1. Eclipse Update Manager

Eclipse provides functionality via so-called features (which contain plugins). Eclipse 3.5 contains a Software Update Manager which allows you to update existing plugins and to install new plugins.

To update your existing installation select the menu Help -> Check for Updates. The system will verify if for the installed plugins updates are available or not.

To install new functionality, select Help-> Install New Software.

Select from the list a update site from which you would like to install new software. For example if you want to install new plugins from Galileo select the Galileo Update Site.


Sometimes you have to uncheck "Group items by category" – not all available Plugins are categorized. If they are not categorized they will not be displayed. See Eclipse bug .

To add a new update site select, press the button "Add" and input the URL. This will then make this update site available and will allow you to install software from this site.

6.2. Manual installation of plugins (dropins folder)

If you’re using Plugins where no Software Site is available, then you can use the Dropins folder in your Eclipse installation directory.

To do this put the plugin into Eclipse "dropins" folder and restart Eclipse. Eclipse should detect the new plugin and install it for you.


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