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Monday, August 16, 2010

Android's First Phone

Several reputable sources (Forbes, InfoWorld) have published rumors that the HTC Dream will be the first Android Phone. The rumors seem to be from industry and company insiders who have spilled the beans. You wonder how many of these “leaks” are actually planned buzz from the public relations and/or marketing departments.

Most people are attributing the name “Dream” to the fact that the Android enabled handset will do whatever it’s users could ever imagine… and more. If you remember the “Magic Phone” promotional video created for Android in which young children discussed what THEIR phones of the future would do… you kind of get the idea:

Of course the adult-tempered version of believing in magic is believing in your dreams. So while a “Magic” branded phone might be in the plans for an OHA company, HTC settles for the more tempered “Dream” moniker. Its hard to underpromise and overdeliver with a name like “Dream” and our expectations are high - the first Android Phone should set an example for the possibilities and potential for which Android stands.

While the rumors seem to be solid, Samsung reportedly seems hard pressed to debunk the claims by pushing their own Android phone to market first. We just hope they aren’t rushing the phone simply to be first, because a poor first showing of Android enabled handsets could spell trouble. Hey, Samsung, why not wait a few months to perfect that gadget and slap the “Magic” name on it?

There aren’t many juicy details about the HTC Dream yet but with CTIA 2008 coming up we’re hoping some new news (redundant much?) pops up. Until then, feast your eyes on what little there is to know about the device that we’re all waiting for:

  • Large touchscreen with haptic feedback

  • Full QWERTY keypad

  • 5 inches long and 3 inches wide

  • Keypad that either slides or swivels open for easy typing/texting

  • Internet navigation controls below the touchscreen display


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