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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eclipse BIRT

1.1. Overview

Eclipse BIRT allows the creation of reports using various data sources.

These data sources define where the data is stored. Data sets defines the query for the report.

BIRT provides for example the following data sources:

  • Databases (via JDBC)

  • Text Files (cvs, XML)

  • WebServices (via WSDL-Files)

  • Scripting Data sources

In a Java program it is often convenient to use directly Java objects as a data source for reports. This article will focus on the usage of plain old Java objects (POJO) as data sources for BIRT reports.

1.2. Example

In this tutorial we will build a report which will show us information about the stock market. We get the information from a Java Object. The data will be displayed in a chart and in a table with detailed information. The result should look like this:


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