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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


1.1. Overview

Programmers perform certain activities, e.g. fixing bugs. These activities are called tasks in Mylyn. Eclipse Mylyn allows to capture the context of a activity in Eclipse by remembering which files were open and filtering away the files which were not involved in this tasks. This sounds simple but can be very effective as the programming can activate a certain task and will be presented with only the files he already opened.

1.2. Getting started

To open the Mylyn task editor select Window -> Show View -> Other. Select "Mylyn" and "Task List".

To create a new task press "New Task" (or press right mouse click -> Select New -> Task). Select Local Repository.

To start working on a task, select activate task. This will remove all elements from your view as you have not selected anything yet.

Remove the task filter by clicking the highlighted button. Now all files are displayed. If you open a file it will be added to your task. If you close the file it will be removed to your task.


If a object is filtered you can press Alt+Click with the mouse on the object to show all its elements.

Once you have identified all necessary elements you can focus again to the task to filter out the unnecessary elements.

If you have to switch to another task you simply can activate it. The content of the task will be restored.

1.3. Export / Import

Mylyn allow you to export and import your local tasks. Select your categories, right mouse click on your and choose export / import.


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