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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Single Sourcing

With Eclipse RAP it is possible to develop a desktop application Eclipse RCP and a web application with the same source code. This is called single sourcing.

To use the same code basis for Eclipse RCP and Eclipse RAP you can use OSGi fragments. Fragments are special OSGi bundles, which extend another bundle and are merged at runtime with the extended bundle. You can put the RCP or RAP specific functionality into a fragment. If you create a RAP application you use the RAP fragment or if you want to create a RCP application you use the RCP fragment.

One difference between RCP and RAP is that in RCP you only have one user. In case you are using singletons which should be user specific then you have to use the RAP class SessionSingleBase. In case you have a real singleton for several users you need to consider concurrency issues. JFace Preference are already correctly supported in RAP.


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