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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


You have the choise between two svn connectors SVNKit and JavaHL. The differences between the connectors is described in Subversive Connectors . The versions of the connectors correspond to the svn version.

Table 1. SVNKit

Connector svn version
SVNKit 1.2.X For SVN 1.5
SVNKit 1.3.X For SVN 1.6

Table 2. JavaHL

Connector svn version
JavaHL 1.5.4 Win32 Binaries and Native JavaHL 1.5 For SVN 1.5 For SVN 1.5
JavaHL 1.6.X Win32 Binaries and Native JavaHL 1.6 For SVN 1.6 For SVN 1.6


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