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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Using EGit

5.1. Basic operations

Once you have placed a project under version control you can start using team operations on your project. The team operations are available via right mouse click on your project. You can:

  • Select "Team" -> "Add", on the project node to add all files to version control.

  • Select "Team" -> "Commit", to commit your changes to the local Git repository.

  • Select "Team" -> "Branch" to create and to switch between branches.

  • Select "Team" -> "Push" to push your change to a remote Git repository (see the GitHub chapter).

  • "Team" -> "Tag" allows you to create and manage tags.

5.2. Merge

EGit supports currently fast-forward merge. Fast-forward merge allows to add the changes of one branch into another if this branch has not been changed. Select "Team" -> "Merge" to perform this operation.

5.3. View the resource history

Select a resource and select Show in (Alt+Shift+W) -> History to see the commit history of this resource.


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