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Friday, January 14, 2011

Android Finally Passes iOS (In Ad Impressions)

Millenial Media has put together a report on the smartphone world, as observed from their ad impressions, and Android has now officially overtaken iOS! Android now officially has 46% of their market, beating iOS’ 32% — the two have been nigh on equal for the last couple of months:

For the first time, we saw Android surpass iOS as the largest Smartphone operating System on our network last month, with an 8% month-over-month increase and 46% of the impression share. iOS represented 32% of the impression share. In 2011, we anticipate that we’ll continue to see increased platform diversity with not only Android, but RIM and Windows Phone 7 applying pressure on iOS. This prediction once again stresses the importance of advertising and developing across platforms.

With the ever declining RIM and Symbian but the potential growth of WP7, the next 12 months will be very interesting to see who grows and who shrinks.


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