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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nokia connecting New Mobile Android or Windows Phone 7

World's largest mobile phone manufacturer Nokia is planning to take a revolutionary step after its disappointing Q4 2010 financial results. Media reported that Nokia has plans to adopt another popular operating system to make its handsets more attractive and acceptable.

While responding to queries, Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop said indirectly that the Finnish company may adopt operating systems like Google Android or Windows Phone 7. Analysts opinionated that Elop's former connection with Microsoft may help him to connect his current company with former. If all things work well, we can expect Nokia smartphones running on Windows Phone 7 OS.

“In addition to great device experiences we must build, capitalise and/or join a competitive ecosystem. The ecosystem approach we select must be comprehensive and cover a wide range of utilities and services that customers expect today and anticipate in the future,” Elop said while commenting on Nokia’s financial figures. And Many feature include in nokia phones

Currently, Nokia handsets are running on Symbian and MeeGo operating systems. With the emergence of Android OS, other giants like Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericson shifted to this and gained more popularity with a wide range of products. Also, Apple introduced energizing changes to their iOS that powers the iphones. This lead to the decline of Nokia's market share.I think nokia market will be up in future.

Now, Nokia has identified the need to change the 'ecosystem' for a better future. If Nokia decide to adopt Android or Windows, then it will be the end of Symbian, the world’s most popular Mobile Operating System. Anyhow let us wait and see whether Nokia axes Symbian to embrace Android or Windows phone 7.


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