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Friday, May 18, 2012

Android offers Apple Ice Cream Sandwich... so to speak

Android rude Apple

A PHOTO has surfaced on the web depicting a (presumably fake) Android store sticking it to Apple. Literally.
The image was snapped in China of the Android logo offering its competitor an Ice Cream Sandwich. Um, so to speak.
The somewhat confrontational logo sits atop an Android store, situated right next to an Apple shop. Both stores are presumably counterfeit, as it is most unlikely that either Android, or Apple would allow marketing of this fashion. The text beneath the Apple logo translates to "Exclusively Apple", which is a little redundant as Apple stores obviously only sell Apple products.
The somewhat rude image went viral after user "dkmag" posted it on web forum, Reddit, and was originally posted on Chinese message board
The image follows the discovery of a fake Apple store by an American blogger in China last year.


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