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Monday, May 7, 2012

Flipboard for Android on the Samsung Galaxy S III

After Instagram, it’s another well-known iOS application which has arrived on Android: Flipboard will be present on the new Samsung Galaxy S III before being more widely released on Android.
The Flipboard application, which reorganises the message streams from Twitter accounts on the page so that they read like magazine pages, started out on iOS by creating an original presentation style for news.

It was so good that Google used it as inspiration when they created their own Google Flux / Google Currents application which has been available for a few weeks. This is the second well known applications to make the move, following the Instagram picture sharing application, the original application to move to Android after taking a solid position on Apple’s devices.

To start on this new platform, the application will be initially present on the new Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. The South Korean manufacturer will have exclusive access to this application for a few months on their top of the line model.
Flipboard Android

The developer is then looking to release the application to other Android smartphones (although not all models) by the summer, although no other information was provided. Samsung, who has just released the technical characteristics of their smartphone and details of their interface based on user’s needs, has found a way to differentiate their product with the original application, even if other alternatives exist for the platform.

Samsung Galaxy SIII Flipboard


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