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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Android-powered mirror that lets users read news while brushing teeth

London, May 15 (ANI): A Japanese company has come up with an android built in mirror that allows one to check news while carrying out other activities like brushing teeth.
The 'mirror tablet' was featured at the Japanese Smart phone and Mobile expo and showcases the latest technology that enables the user to check their weight, weather and latest headlines while they check themselves out in the mirror, reported The Daily Mail.
The device, which is powered by a humble Android tablet, can display widgets on your mirror, even attaching to scales to give you your weight.
It is also adaptable to a wide range of apps to making those morning routines a bit less mundane.
Keeping in mind that the 'touch sensitive' mirror isn't full of fingerprints, the mirror uses radio sensors so you can keep your fingers a few inches from the surface when swiping between screens.
The parent company, Seraku has revealed that even though the technology has not gone to market yet, but the potential market will be the home market. The technology can be for customers of hair-salons to make their trims a bit more interesting.
The company also mentioned that the pubs could use the technology so that patrons could fill out surveys.
With the mirror technology hanging on one's bathroom wall, futuristic systems shown in Spielberg's Minority Report are soon to become reality. (ANI)


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