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Saturday, December 10, 2011

2011: The season of the Operating system mobile phone OS

Summary: Operating-system cell cellphone is, without a concern, the most successful Unix like distro out there. And it’s only going to go from power to power come 2012.

Microsoft might have offered a lot of Windows 7 the required permits, and The apple company organization might be handling to to influence ten thousand people to buy iOS-powered cool gadgets every 1 / 4, but the real victorious one when it comes to systems this year as been Operating-system cell cellphone, Google’s cell cellphone os.

Based on the Unix like kernel, Operating-system cell cellphone is a very successful groundwork. By Nov of this period some 200 thousand Operating-system cell cellphone handled cool gadgets were in use. If that appears to be awesome, consider that this quantity is raising by some 550,000 daily (or 3.85 thousand a week, 16.5 thousand a month). To put this into situation, last 1 / 4 The apple company organization offered 17 thousand iPhones and 11 thousand iPads over the three 30 days period.

Despite The google not receiving mobile designers a dollars for Operating-system cell cellphone, the cell cellphone groundwork is a huge money rewriter for the organization. Operating-system cell cellphone ripped in some $2.5 thousand for The google during its last reasonable period (all from ads), and this quantity is set to increase during this reasonable period. As the quantity of Operating-system cell cellphone cool gadgets out in the outrageous improve (and the quantity of visitors looking at the ads increase), then this figure will keep on raising.

Then there are the 10 thousand app packages. That is a incredible quantity, and at the equal point in the The apple company organization App Site's life-cycle, it had only maintained around half this quantity of acquire. Additionally more awesome is acknowledging that The google only smashed the 3 thousand stage back in Goal of this period, so that is 7 thousand in around 8 a few months (it took The google 20 a few months to hit the thousand acquire stage in September 2010).

There may be issues that The google need to address when it comes to Operating-system cell cellphone, but we can not allow this to take away from the successes obtained by the cell cellphone groundwork. The apple company organization might be getting the focus with iOS and the iDevices it is set up on, but Operating-system cell cellphone is the groundwork for the people.

Android is, without a concern, the most successful Unix like distro out there. And it’s only going to go from power to power come 2012.


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