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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New new sony reconsiders Android 4.0 on Galaxy S, needs 15% development of mobile sales in 2012

It looks like business owners of Samsung’s first Galaxy S cool gadgets just didn't take too please to the details that Operating-system 4.0 will not be designed available as an upgrade.

Additionally, but not relevant, the organization needs a 15 % uptick in cellular income next period, given the present popularity of its Operating-system selection.

Thanks to a huge outcry from customers, New panasonic is now somewhat reconsidering generating Operating-system 4.0 Ice Procedure Dish available to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, opinions Korea’s ajnews. As the Side represents it (the exclusive evaluation is in Korean), New panasonic is looking into methods to fit Operating-system 4.0 on the cool gadgets, even though it in the last said that its TouchWiz application designed that difficult.

The details is a excellent clue for Galaxy S business owners, but even if New panasonic does manage to crush Operating-system 4.0 on the cool gadgets, it will likely be much later than when the Galaxy S II loved ones gets it beginning next period.

As for the income improve, New panasonic appear to be trying to provide 374 million designs next period, up from expected income of 325 million designs this period, Reuters opinions. 150 million of those cool gadgets are necessary to be smartphones on the market that you can buy. The details comes from industry specialists who divulged Samsung’s plans to the The philipines Financial Day-to-day, so exclusive opportunity that Samsung’s real plans could even be more serious.


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