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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Google Schmidt: Android mobile phone leads the iPhone

PARIS--In the fight between the two cell cellphone heavyweights, The the search engines Control Chairman Eric Schmidt was genuine today about who he considers is succeeding.

"Android is ahead of the iPhone now," Schmidt revealed to an readers of techies and influenced companies at the LeWeb meeting here.

He made his report to a room unfolding at the appears with iPhones, iPads, and Celery, and the readers met his words with a moment of stop that recommended some doubt. So Schmidt elaborated on how he was measuring: "unit quantity, Ice Process method Dish, the price is lower, there are more organizations."

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt speaking at the LeWeb conference.

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt speaking at the LeWeb conference.

(Credit: Stephen Shankland/CNET)

Android is indeed a achievement that you can buy. But one big listlessness compared to iOS was very noticeable at the conference: becoming the top goal for programmers. Note-taking professional Evernote today revealed a new app called Hello for tracking people--for iPhone only so far. And when news readers Flipboard revealed its growth from the iPad to the iPhone, Primary Control John McCue dropped to even say whether the company was performance on an Os cell cellphone cellular edition.

"We've been centered on iPhone," McCue said. And about Os cell cellphone cellular, he said only, "We'll see."

Schmidt considers the high variety of Os cell cellphone cell cellphone supply will win out, though, with the discharge of Ice Process method Dish, aka Os cell cellphone cellular 4.0.

"Ultimately, application organizations are influenced by quantity, and quantity is popular by the open approach The the search engines is getting. There are so many organizations wanting to offer Os cell cellphone cellular mobile phones around the planet," Schmidt said. "Whether you like Os cell cellphone cellular or not, you will support that groundwork, and maybe you'll even offer it first."

One Android-toting readers member said he was upset to see iOS programs beating Os cell cellphone cellular models to advertise. But in element because of Ice Process method Dish, "My idea is that six omens from now you'll say the opposite."

About 200 million Os cell cellphone cellular mobile phones have gone into use so far, with 550,000 new ones being brought about daily, Schmidt said.

One of the prolonged Os cell cellphone cellular criticisms is the idea that it's an iOS knockoff--an idea that incensed former Apple CEO Bob Work. Schmidt wouldn't thoughts on whether Os cell cellphone cellular attractive iOS features, but he did offer his stock avoid about the issue: "Android was established before the iPhone was."

Success in Os cell cellphone cellular is central to Google plans. Although it gives the os away for free, it works as a procedure for the company to get its alternatives into individuals hands in the hot cell cellphone technology location. Those alternatives include not just look for, but also Googlemail, The the search engines Software, Google+ The the search engines Music, and The the search engines Graphs.

"All the interesting new programs are going to be some collaboration of public, cell cellphone, and state," Schmidt said. And it's not a fad, he said: "Social, state, cell cellphone has been true for mankind for at least 10,000 years, so I don't think it's going to go away any time soon."

Ice Process method Dish will help The the search engines, in element because it's got greatly incorporated features for giving using many alternatives.

"We started off thinking mobile phones were pcs. We missed that they were about conversation," Schmidt said.

Ice Process method Dish has just started distribution on Samsung's Whole community Nexus cell cellphone, still not available in the United States and many other parts on the planet.


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