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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Infographic: Top 10 Operating-system Ridiculous Countries

According to Google’s latest report, about 10 thousand programs are being down-loadable each Calendar month from the Operating-system Market. Should know which programs are the most well-known and which are the most “Android-crazed” countries? Research on to find out!

Top 10 Android Crazed Countries

Above is the infographic released by The google (and I think it’s rather stylish); it features which countries worldwide acquire the biggest wide range of programs from the Operating-system Industry. If for some objective you can not see the pic, this is the list:

10. Norway
9. Netherlands
8. Denmark
7. Israel
6. Sweden
5. Singapore
4. U. s. States
3. Taiwan
2. Hong Kong
1. Lower Korea

So the most app-crazed land, according to The google, is Lower Southern area the philipines. I can say it’s not unexpected at all, since LG and New panasonic cell cellphone gadgets (most of which are Android-based, of course) are designed there. Plus, Lower Southern area the philipines is well-known for its really fantastic high-speed Web accessibility, so no wonder so many individuals acquire programs from there.

Hong Kong – the motherland of HTC – is the second app-crazed land, and it’s not unexpected, too. Perhaps the oddest factor is that the U.S. is only it all, though we all imagined it would be the second or the third at least… Of course, People like programs and acquire many, but Operating-system is certainly not the only and the most well-known groundwork in the U.S. – about the 50 % of People still drive Apple’s iOS (so they acquire programs from the App Keep instead of the Operating-system Market).

Another uncommon actuality – I think we all imagined some The european union like the UK, This particular terminology of Malaysia would also appear in the selection of top 10 “Android-crazed” countries worldwide, but they just didn't. Neither did The far eastern and Native indian, which is also rather unexpected.
As for the most well-known programs, I think you have already imagined that most Operating-system enthusiasts drive downloading… games (25.6 percent)! 12.2 % of down-loadable programs were somehow connected to entertainment, 11.17 % were different sources, 6.45 % were conversation programs and 4.67 % were productiveness programs. Well-known popular music, community, trip programs and others came out to be the less well-known.


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