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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Add Prayer Times widget to blog

Hi Readers! are you a moslem? want to add a prayer times to your blog? All right... you can do that. You can add a prayer times widget to your blog very easy and that all is free.

Where are we can get the “Prayer times widget”? There are a lot of site provide this service, one of them is Below are the steps to adding prayer times widget to your blog.

  1. Please check out

  2. Go to the bottom page. Click at Add new service to your site.

  3. Refers to the no.2. Click at the Drop down menu with Select a Country text.

  4. Choose your country name and then click Go button. Example : Indonesia.

  5. Choose your city. Example : Jakarta.

  6. Click Generated Code.

  7. Copy all of the code and then paste at the notepad or another text editor. Save at your PC.

  8. Done.

That is the steps to get a “prayer times widget” from Next steps are, how adding the prayer times widget code to your blog. Here’s the steps :

For Classic Template (if you are still using old template)

  1. Login to Blogger with your ID.

  2. At the dashboard page, click Template.

  3. Click Edit HTML.

  4. Don't forget to back up your template code.

  5. Go to your sidebar code.

  6. Copy the Prayer times widget code at the notepad and paste at your sidebar code.

  7. Click Save Changes template button.

  8. Done.

For New Blogger template (if you using new blogger template (beta/xml))

  1. Login to Blogger with your ID.

  2. At the dashboard page, click Layout.

  3. Click Page Elements tab.

  4. Click Add a Page element.

  5. Click ADD TO BLOG for HTML/jacaScript.

  6. Copy the Prayer times widget code at the notepad and paste.

  7. Click Save Change button.

  8. Done.

The example of Prayer times Widget :

vertical widget :

horizontal widget :

Let's give it a try!


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