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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Make a D'tree Menu at Blog

d'tee menu

Did you ever seen Window Explorer? At Window Explorer have a beauty menu likely my left banner. Did you know, you can make that menu at your blog. For example, please checkout my example blog here!, this menu named D'tree menu.

Feel interest to make this menu at your blog? here is the steps to make a d'tree menu :

#Step 1
  1. Login to blogger with yuor ID.

  2. Click layout.

  3. Click Edit HTML tab.

  4. Click the Download full template link. Save your template (very important)

  5. Go to your template code, and find the code .

  6. Copy and then paste following code above of :

  7. Click Save Template button.

  8. Step 31 is done.

#Step 2

  1. Click Page Elements.

  2. Click Add a Page Element to make a element.

  3. Choose for HTML/Javascript.

  4. Copy and paste the following code at the element :

  5. Click SAVE CHANGES button.

  6. Done. Now you have a d'tree menu at your blog.

Notes : Original code is from All of links at this tutorial is my link, you must changing the links with yourself links.

Happy blogging!


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