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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Add Video From YouTube To Blog

Somebody ask to me, how to show video from YouTube or other website to post page such as this post. If you want to show a Video from you tube, that is very easy. Only need I little action from you. This is the steps to show a Video from You Tube :

Step #1

  1. Please Check out

  2. Find your favourite video which you want to show

  3. Look at to right side. Find → Embed. See the image :

  4. Copy the code under embed. Paste at notepad or another text editor. Close youtube window if you want.

Step #2

  1. Login to blogger with your ID.

  2. Click New Posting.

  3. Choose Edit Html tab (don’t at Compose tab)

  4. Copy the code at the notepad (embed code) and paste at the column for posting.

  5. Click Publish Post button

  6. Done. Please see the results

This is the example a video from you tube :

Happy blogging.
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