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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Create your application

3.1. Pre-requirements

The following assumes that you are familiar with Eclipse RCP development, e.g. the creation of plugins, features and products. Check Eclipse RCP Tutorial to learn about RCP development. See Eclipse Feature Project to learn how to create feature projects.

PDE/Build requires features based products. In our example we will create one plugin and then a feature which includes this plugin.

3.2. Create plugin and feature

Create a new project "" using the "RCP application with a view" template. See Eclipse RCP Tutorial for details.

Create a feature project "" which contains the plugin See Eclipse Feature Project

Add the plugin "" to your feature.

Also add the "org.eclipse.rcp" to "Included Feature".

Create a product called "hellorcp.product" in "". See Create a Eclipse product for information.

Make sure your product runs correctly can can be exported manually via the "Export Product export wizard" in the product. If the manually exported product runs you are ready for the next step in creating a automatic product build.


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