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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Just right click in the source code and add a breakpoint.

Then select Debug as -> Python Run

You can now inspect and modify the variables in the variables view.

Via the debug buttons (or shortcuts F5, F6, F7, F8) you can move in your program.

You can use F5 / F6, F7 and F8 to step through your coding.

Table 1. Debugging Key bindings

F5 Goes to the next step in your program. If the next step is a method / function this command will jump into the associated code.
F6 F6 will step over the call, e.g. it will call a method / function without entering the associated code.
F7F7 will go to the caller of the method/ function. So this will leave the current code and go to the calling code.
F8Use F8 to go to the next breakpoint. If no further breakpoint is encountered then the program will normally run.

You can of course use the ui to debug. The following displays the keybindings for the debug buttons.


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