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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Creating a feature project

The following will explain how to create an Eclipse feature project.

2.1. Create Plugin

Create a Eclipse RCP application "de.vogella.featuretest.testplugin". Use the "RCP application with a view" as a template.

2.2. Create Feature Project

Create a feature project "de.vogella.featuretest.feature" via File ->New -> Other -> Plug-in Development -> "Feature Project".

2.3. Feature Project Properties

In your new project you have now a file feature.xml. Select this file to get an editor to maintain the properties. For example change the name of your feature to the project name "de.vogella.featuretest.feature".

The tab "Plug-ins" allows you to change the plugins which are in the feature.

2.4. Finished

You have created a feature project. This feature project contains only one plugin but in general you would add a group of related plugins to your feature. The feature can then be the basis for building your software, for automatic update functionality and for creating launch configuration.


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