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Friday, September 23, 2011

Best cricket apps for Android mobiles

Cricket is not just a game in India. Since India has won its second world cup the craze for this game has reached its peak. IPL, T20 matches and T20 World cup, a lot of tournaments are being held every other month in India and abroad. If you want to be a part of these tournaments virtually then you can do that by loading these apps in your Android mobile.

1.Cricket T20 Fever 3D:Cricket T20 Fever 3D is the most complete cricket game so far. If you have a 3D phone then you can experience the game in full HD 3D graphics. In this game you can switch to different modes like ODI’s, T20 matches, and exciting power play matches.

2. Cricket World Cup Fever:Cricket World Cup Fever is one of the best cricket games available on the Android Market. In this game you can play in four exciting modes-quick match, power play, world cup and the pass-n-play mode. You can even choose the team with whom you want to play the match.

3. Cricket IPL T20Fever:
T20 is more in demand nowadays than the 50 overs match. So, if you want to try your hand in the T20 match then Cricket IPL T20 Fever is really a wonderful app available at the Android Market. You can install this game in the microSD card as well your phone.

4. World Cricket Championship Lt:
World Cricket Championship Lt has a good rating on the Android market, so you can try this also. The options are same with the other games like you can play 5 over match and by winning the toss you will decide what you want to do - bat or bowl. You can choose your team and your opponent's with whom you wish to play a match. But the best part about this game is that it is a 3D game, so you need to have 3D mobile to play it.

5. Big Cup Cricket Premium: The fun of the arcade games is back now. Big Cup Cricket Premium is fast and arcade cricket game. In this game it is more difficult to make high scores and play the shots on challenging balls. If you think that you are an all rounder then try this cricket app. This games is priced at Rs. 188.02.


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