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Monday, September 5, 2011

Google +1 button for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets

Google has added a new feature to Android and iOS operated smartphones and tablets.

The new addition is the ‘+1 button’ from Google. Similar to the “Like” button of Facebook, through this button users can get connected with their friends and family on Google plus.

This button is already available on numerous websites and is directly integrated to Google Plus. .

Punit Soni, Lead Product Manager of Google+ Games and Mobile, said, “this button would help the people around the web to make recommendations even while on the go. This button will be automatically available on the web browsers of Android 2.1 and iOS 4.0."

According to Google +1 feature will improve the search part on various sites as the +1 link would be visible just like Facebook and Twitter links.

With Google pitched against Facebook in a war of sorts, it is indeed going to be a tough ask to determine which of the two would score over the other.

As of now, Facebook enjoys an upper hand with its vast and expanding user base. But things can become more serious, with Google plus increasing its fan base.


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