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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nexus S Running Android 'Ice Cream Sandwich' Sold on eBay?

Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich

Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Google's fourth, unreleased version of its mobile operating system, made a brief video appearance in the blogosphere on Thursday.

An Engadget reader told the blog that a Samsung Nexus S smartphone he purchased on eBay appeared to be running Ice Cream Sandwich, sending in a two-minute video demonstration (below) as "proof."

Notion Ink tablet CEO Rohan Shravan, who slipped on his blog that Ice Cream Sandwich updates would "arrive in November after Google's launch in late October," said the video provided to Engadget "indeed looks real."

"Multi-tasking feature and over-all UI [looks like Android 4.0]," It's definitely not a mock-up, since this behavior is expected of ICS on all the devices," he said.

Later, the owner told Engadget that his handset was locked and wiped clean, leading many over at the XDA Developers Forum to believe Google remotely cleaned the device.

Google previewed Ice Cream Sandwich at the Google I/O conference in May, saying vaguely that it would launch this fall. Then earlier this month, Google chairman Eric Schmidt let it slip at's Dreamforce conference that Android 4.0, the next major overhaul to Google's mobile OS, will be released in "October or November."

Yesterday, meanwhile, Google sent invitations to see "what's new from Android" at Samsung's Mobile Unpacked show next month. Could this be the official release of Ice Cream Sandwich?


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