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Friday, November 25, 2011

2012 Is The Year Of Android Invades The Company?

For CIOs, the year 2012 will be one of the great opportunities and risks incredible Android phones and tablets running deeper into the company, experts say mobile device. CIOs are in a bit of an impasse with employees pushing IT to support consumer devices of a new genre that may not be ready for the enterprise.

The main reason employees want Android, iPhone and iPad especially because they know they can do a better job with them. Smart CIOs will cut through the confusion and see the iPad for what it is: a chance to leave the trappings techniques that have isolated the part of business for decades.

"Some of the best of us will say good riddance" to the old ways, Aaron Freimarkt, IT director at Apple Tekserve services company that helps Fortune 1000 companies adopt iPad, told me recently. "Now we are able to focus on people with a productive with technology. "

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Android devices follow the same trajectory of the rocket carrier and the iPhone. MobileIron vendor Mobile Device Management says he gained 1,000 customers in the new company in the last 10 months. At least 50 percent of the clientele is MobileIron to deploy Android devices, especially in the pilot programs. (Today, Apple says nine of the 10 Fortune 400 companies are deploying or testing iPhone and iPad).

"As companies prepare for 2012, we expect increased pressure to adopt Android," said Ojas Rege, vice president of products MobileIron. "There will be a maximum of Android devices coming to the company after the holidays and a peak in the second half of the year, several devices are updated."

It is, Fired Up Android owners to help get the Android devices currently in pilot phase for the use of large companies next year. All this raises the question: Is Android devices ready?

Not really.

History 2011: Mobile Malware

The opening of the Android platform, as well as many variations of the operating system, devices, and carrier configurations, have joined forces to create a rich breeding ground for malware - despite claims to the contrary by Chris DiBona, Google open source manager of programs. Trend Micro, for example, reported a huge increase of 1410 percent in the number of threats Android January to July this year.

"Google's Android OS has become a magnet for malware," Constantine von Hoffman writes Blogger. "The domain of the smartphone platform is a change in security risk much bigger than Apple's iPhone."

To be honest, Good Technology, Chief Technology Officer Nicko van Someren icon predicting Apple's iPhone, often predicted the malware-free App Store because of a curator, but also made the target of attacks in the coming year. He cites the ability to jailbreak your iPhone with one-touch, which will open the device for malware.

"The technology uses potentially useful for the ungodly," says Van Someren. In other words, the malware authors may be able to jailbreak the iPhone without the owner's knowledge.

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Researcher Charlie Miller recently wrote a malicious program that looked like a tool for monitoring the stock market and obtained from the watchful eyes of the procedure for checking App Store. The app will connect to its server and allow it to download malware onto your iPhone. Thus, Miller has shown that malicious programs that may already exist in the App Store.

DSI in a difficult situation

Android providers are working to strengthen security problems. "We will see an increasing number of actions taken by suppliers and manufacturers such as Google phone to lock down systems and are less vulnerable to malware," said Van Someren.

But therein lies the rub. The DSI bump up against people who want their consumer rights to Android devices in the network, until the suppliers for Android devices as close to prepared as possible for the company. The discrepancy between these two forces will be in a difficult DSI next year.

Just take a look at the $ 200 Amazon Kindle Four shelf, which by many accounts, must have a great holiday season. Four New Kindle owners will probably want to receive at least the courier on the device running a custom Gingerbread Android 2.3 OS. Consequently, the Kindle Four potential burn in the company.

Consider the technical criteria for evaluating MobileIron devices to support in its suite of mobile device management: A system must be able to encrypt data, configure e-mail remotely, lock protection support password and wipe, configure, secure, install applications, and establish the identity by a certificate.


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