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Friday, November 25, 2011

Why Should You Buy The Note Samsung Galaxy?

One of the hottest new segment of Android devices is the Samsung Galaxy NB. Category scattered throughout the unit is a bit 'too big for a phone, it is also less than the full-size tablet. So what is it? And 'the ideal tool for those who really want to have a production system

to move. 5.3 "screen is small enough to fit in your pocket, but also provides a large enough area for editing a spreadsheet, browse and play back HD video. Read on to find five reasons why the Galaxy should see the next Android device !

1.Massive HD screen

Yes, packets Note Galaxy in a huge screen. What's even better is that the screen is AMOLED variety. AMOLED screens offer deep blacks, richer colors and this effect is especially fun on the screen by mass.

One of the first mobile devices to include 720p, this device is beautiful to watch. As a high resolution, you can watch a incredibly detailed images, HD video and great website.


Note: a special weapon hidden inside its thin shell. E-Pen is an accessory that allows users to draw, write and take notes on the screen immediately. A small button on the side allows the functionality that continues to rely on a legal pad to take screenshots from any part of the operating system.

We were pen-enabled devices for years now. If the note is different is that it has a Wacom digitizer active, which can detect 128 pressure points and allows you to perform exceptionally detailed sketches.


Note Galaxy is powered by one of the fastest processors on smartphones currently. The processor of the note is lightning fast at 1.4GHz Dual Core and are able to do almost anything you throw at it. 1080p High Note may video clips on his screen profile 720p due to the combination of a powerful processor and graphics chip. You'll have no problem playing the latest HD movies and games Android. The specification also makes it eligible for an updated Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) in the near future!

Life 4.Battery

On the inside amazing rapid and massive screen, the note is expected to be very poor in the department of battery life. However, the combination tablet phone is just a consequence of the 2500 mAh battery Stunner.

The tests concluded that the note is able to last about 8:30 hours looping the video itself. Very impressive!

5.Perfect media device

Galaxy is apparently the best portable entertainment device that can be obtained on the market today. Back of the device includes an 8 megapixel camera that shoots 1080p video too. The front has a 2-megapixel unit of video calls and self portraits.
This combination of specifications murderer, high-definition big screen, 16 GB of storage and built a fantastic start to autonomy can not be beat. Multimedia junkies appreciate the size of the unit because it is the perfect compromise between portability and easy viewing ..

Note Galaxy sells for Rs 34,999 in India and comes with a free leather case included. This is a fair price to pay for what is probably the most unique device to hit the market for a while. Get it if you want a device that would replace both your smartphone and tablet.


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