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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Amazon Android Friendly Fire Splutters

Open ... And turn off the Amazon Kindle the new fire is almost certainly the economic success of Amazon, and can eventually make a name for Google's Android in tablet form. If only the success and popularity have been earned.

Amazon has a few rough edges to smooth out the Android, but in my experience has not gone far enough to compete with iPad elegance and polish. Again, it was not necessary: ​​$ 199, Amazon Kindle fire did not have to be big. It was pretty good.

I hope the conflagration Kindle for months. I have an iPhone and iPad 2-one, and have spent some time with other pills also: Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, Motorola Xoom and Research in Motion Playbook in particular. But what I really wanted something that looked more like my second-generation Kindle in hand, but with the ability to run some applications and sometimes watch videos. Lighting the fire seemed to do the trick.

Except that it does not work. Although nearly half a pound lighter than the iPad 2 actually feels heavier, much due to its rectangular shape. It remains in your hand anywhere near as good as the second iPad much more I can only imagine how much more painful to keep Kindle will fire big rumors.

Also disappointing that the issue of weight is the software is much worse. Amazon has forked Android and put a lot of work to smooth the user experience. But not enough. Even in an area that should shine on Amazon - the experience of reading books - the interface is slow and clumsy, with a delay between the cracking towers page / reader.

This is actually exacerbate the approach to applications by Amazon. Android already behind Apple's App ecosystem hard, but most of the large, branded applications that use are available for Android. Not only the fire. Amazon has yet to bless many of them, and it is difficult if not impossible for the mainstream user to install applications. In some cases, such as Google Apps, Amazon seems to consciously without them. In others, probably has not had time to accept them yet.

In both cases, it is boring.

Yet, I think this affects the fire passed. The basic price of price of $ 199, Amazon is likely to be presented with the tablet "when Volkswagen," as Jason Perlow of ZDNet writes. No, not as polished as Apple's "Mercedes-esque" experience IOS, regardless of its size (a heavy, bulky fire-fighting equipment) or inside (awkward experience forked Amazon Android). But $ 199, will the masses find out? It is not likely.

Also, do not forget, most of the world does not have an iPhone, and has not had to "Mercedes" experience. All the problems they have identified the problems of comparison, for the most part. If users have not played with an iPhone, it is unlikely to be too upset about how the light falls Kindle iPhone experience.

In any case, there is some evidence that the fire there is cannibalizing sales of other tablets, the iPad does not. If someone wants the iPad, it seems, is likely to continue to buy. At least so far.

It is, after all, how the smartphone market has played. The iPhone has had its own for a while, gradually gave way to the Android-based devices that charge over 50 percent of this market.


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