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Monday, November 28, 2011

Samsung Android Smartphone Galaxy Nexus

Revision, highly anticipated new Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the first Android phone features 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich - ICS, or if you are currently very "now" - the latest version of Google's mobile operating system. It 'also one of Samsung's high-end HD displays, dual-core processor, and 1080p HD video recording - not too ambitious, then.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone
Take it, and it is immediately clear that they are accompanied by the quality of the phone. It 'quite a handful to 136 x 68 mm, but nice just 9mm thin. Size, is also surprisingly lightweight 135g, mainly because of the case made entirely of plastic. 4.65in capacitive touch screen takes up most of the front and almost disappears when the phone is turned off, when it was shiny polished black glass.

And what a display. This is a Super HD AMOLED number, with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, all crammed in less than 316ppi. It is larger than 0.3in Galaxy S II Samsung logo and a real breakthrough on this phone, 800 x 480. With a wide viewing angle, it is probably the best screen you'll see on any mobile phone today.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone

At the bottom of the screen is touch-sensitive panel with only two of the four-cylinder as standard control of Android (and back home), more multi-tasking button, which displays all open applications as thumbnails. The buttons disappear when the display is not in use, adding that effect glossy black when the rest of the phone. Loss of control of research and the App is not too much trouble, as the menu options are now pop up in different applications and application is available on-screen widgets.

From the beginning, you are in doubt that it is Ice Cream Sandwich. Where updates over the last three years has added features and fixes glitches, this version has a new look, but looks somewhat like the Honeycomb version 3.0 which was shown on the shelves.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone
This is a more sophisticated, however, a number of nice little touches that not only is better, but helps you work more intuitively and - where the image of your face to open the device, for example, the action appears in applications like Google Maps which allows you to access the main menu to go to the first.


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