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Monday, May 10, 2010

Blogger template

A template is a set of HTML files which define the appearance and functionality of the blog. You can use the templates that are provide by Blogger, customize the provided template or write your own.

To access Blogger template, log into the Dashboard, select the blog, click TEMPLATE tab. You will see the template displayed in the edit template window. If you have already done some customization, it is a highly advisable to always backup your template. To backup the template, highlight ALL the text of the template, right-click and copy (or ctrl+C), paste into Notepad and save under a suitable title like dummies17april06. Saving a template has saved the woes of many a blogger.

The Blogger template has 3 main components - HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Stylesheet) and Blogger tags. HTML tags tell a web browser how to display the page. It is a good idea to have some knowledge of HTML and a good place to learn is the online W3schools. CSS control the style and layout of the webpage. You can also learn about CSS in W3schools. When you submit a post to Blogger, it is saved to their database. When you publish something, the Blogger tags tell Blogger publishing program which information to fetch from their database and put it on the webpage.


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