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Thursday, May 13, 2010

September 2008 Income – Highest Earnings Ever

With my earnings almost reaching the five digit mark, September was indeed a great month for me. However, I have to expect the worst for the coming months because the result of the September pagerank update, the second PR update in the third quarter of this year, was not good for me. I will need to exert extra efforts in building the links of my blogs to increase their pagerank for the next PR update. Anyway, despite of the negative results the last update September was a good month for me in general.

Almost every stat of this blogging tutorials blog has increased in a month. My Alexa rank broke the top 1,000,000 two weeks ago and it is currently on 824,654 with 152 inlinks. There was also a slight increase in my Technorati rank from 30,951 to 29,120 and increase in Technorati authority from 165 to 168. Here are my blog’s stats from the 3 major search engines in the internet:

Google Stats for
Backlinks: 73 (dropped from 83)
Indexed Pages: 241 (increased from 123)

Yahoo! Stats for
Backlinks: 12,967 (dropped from 14,773)
Indexed Pages: 172 (increased from 136)

MSN Stats for
Backlinks: N/A
Indexed Pages: 83 (dropped from 245)

I managed to publish a total of 9 posts for the month of September 2008. This explains the increase in my indexed pages in Google and Yahoo. I don’t know what happened to MSN though. My feed readers and email subscribers count has now increased to 138. The increase in my subscribers is credited to the quality and usefulness of the posts that I have published.

We are now in the fourth and final quarter of this year. Though it is almost impossible to retain my earnings from the previous month, I hope I can still manage to earn anywhere near it.


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