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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Keywords Research and Helpful Tools for SEO

Keywords Research is one of the pillars of SEO or search engine optimization. Without sufficient research on what keywords to target, all efforts to optimize your websites through search engines will be put to waste. Researching for target keywords needs to be done to determine the proper keywords that we will use for article or content creation, link building, onsite optimization and other related SEO tasks. In other words, you cannot successfully promote your website through search engines if you don’t execute a proper SEO keywords research.

Through keyword research, we will identify which keywords that are related to your website are used by most internet users and use them to optimize our websites. After all, there’s no sense in ranking number one for a search term or keyword that no one uses when searching through search engines. So the main concern in keywords research is to determine which keywords receive high to moderate search volume and using them in optimizing our websites.

There are a good number of free keywords suggestion and research tools in the internet that you can use in researching for key words or key phrases with high search volume. Here are some tools that I have used and I can recommend:

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

The keyword suggestion tool by Google Adwords is meant to help advertisers in generating keywords for their PPC or Pay Per Click campaign. However, the tool is open for everyone to use and that is something that internet marketers can take advantage of. Through this free tool, you can see the most searched keywords in the most popular and widely used search engine in the internet today – Google. Details like approximate average number of searches per month, search volume from the previous month and the volume of competition from other Adwords advertisers will help you choose the right keywords to target. For future use and reference, you can also download the generated keywords in text or CSV format.

Forensics by is a popular search engine in the United Kingdom which receives millions of users per month. If your target audience is primarily the UK, then’s keyword research tool called Forensics is something that you could use. is similar to other search engines but with more emphasis to indexing UK specific websites. This is the reason why this tool is helpful for SEO people looking to promote their websites in the UK. The information provided by Forensics is very similar that of Google Adword’s keyword tool but with a couple others added which are the Local Rank and Growth or change in search volume. These additional information can help you see and anticipate changes in trends in volumes of searches for particular keywords.

Wordtracker Keywords Suggestion Tool
Wordtracker is one of the first keyword research and suggestion tools in the internet. The free version of this tool can suggest you up to 100 most searched keywords and their number of searches made using them. Wordtracker uses metacrawlers to collect information about keywords and their search volumes. Unlike other keyword tools, wordtracker updates their databases weekly so you are sure to always get the latest, most searched and hottest keywords.

iWeb Tool Keyword Suggestion Tool
The keyword suggestion tool is just one of the free SEO and web tools offered by This tool returns up to 10 keyword suggestions based on your main keyword and allows a maximum of 5 searches in an hour for free. You can click the results to search for further similar keywords or click the icons of the top three major search engines to see the actual websites ranking for particular keywords. The tool is simple and is good for basic keyword research.

The purpose of keyword research is to identify which keywords that are related to your sites are likely to be used by internet users and deliver traffic to your websites. These tools can help us analyze what keywords currently have high search volumes and are frequently used by people in search engines. No one knows what search terms, keywords or key phrases are going to be popularly used in search engine queries by people in the future so periodic and constant keyword research is a must for optimizing websites


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