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Thursday, May 13, 2010

YARP and Adsense-Deluxe Wordpress Plugins

This week I worked on installing a couple of Wordpress plugins that are expected to improve my blog. The first plugin is YARP (Yet Another Related Posts) plugin by Mitcho which provides a list of related articles at the end of each of your post. Suggesting related articles to your readers can make your blog stickier and have your readers stay in your blog longer. Here are the features of YARP that made me choose it above other “Related Post Wordpress Plugins”:

  • It provides a list of articles that are more relevant. It also provides a relevance score beside the listed article title.
  • You also have an option to show the list of related articles in your RSS feed.
  • You have complete control of the level of relatedness, appearance, number of results and other matching options.
  • The plugin is easy to install and configure. There is no need to place any tags on your wordpress theme.

YARP Settings

(click on the image to zoom)

If your blog doesn’t have a “Related Posts Plugin” yet, I suggest that you install YARP.

The second plugin that I installed is the AdSense-Deluxe WordPress Plugin by Acme Technologies Zeitgeist. The said plugin will allow you to insert Google Adsense on top, in the middle, at the bottom or anywhere in your blog’s posts and pages. Just like the YARP plugin, there’s no need to edit your Wordpress theme just to insert the Google Adsense inside your post. All you need to do is upload and activate the plugin, configure your adsense under AdsenseDeluxe settings and insert the (or whatever adsense name you create) tag in the HTML view of your articles and pages.

Adsense Deluxe Settings

Insert Adsense Comment

It has been long proven that advertisements inside articles convert better as compared to other locations of your website’s or blog’s pages such as sidebar or footer. This wordpress plugin will allow you to maximize the potential of your blog to earn from Google Ads.

So there you go! If you are looking to improve your blog’s readership and monetize it through Adsense, install YARP and Adsense Deluxe Wordpress plugins!


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