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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Common products UIDs

Here is a list of machine and platform UIDs that can be used to uniquely identify a phone model or its family: :


Platform Device Product UID Machine/Platform UID

Series 60 v0.9

Nokia 7650 0x101F6F87 0x101F4FC3

Series 60 v1.2

Nokia 3650 0x101F7962 0x101F466A
Nokia 3660 0x101F7962 0x101F466A
Nokia N-Gage 0x101F8A64 0x101F8C19
Nokia N-Gage QD 0x101FB2B1 0x101FB2B1
Sendo X 0x101FA031 0x101FA031
Siemens SX1 0x101F9071 0x101F9071

Series 60 v2.0

Nokia 6600 0x101F7963 0x101FB3DD
Panasonic X700 0x101FF525 0x101FF525

S60 2nd Edition FP1

Nokia 3230 0x10200F97 0x10200f97
Nokia 6260 0x101FB3F4 0x101FB3F4
Nokia 6620 0x1020216B 0x101F3EE3
Nokia 6670 0x101FD5DC 0x101FB3F3
Nokia 7610 0x101FD5DB 0x101FB3F3

S60 2nd Edition FP2

Nokia 6630 0x101F7964 0x101FBB55
Nokia 6680 0x102078D1 0x10200F99
Nokia 6681 0x102078D0 0x10200F9C
Nokia 6682 0x102078CF 0x10200F9B

S60 2nd Edition FP3

Nokia N70 0x10200F9A 0x10200F9A
Nokia N72 0x10200F9A 0x10200F9A
Nokia N90 0x10200F98 0x10200F98

S60 3rd Edition

Nokia 3250 0x200005F8 0x200005F8
Nokia 5500 Sport 0x20000602 0x20000602
Nokia E50 0x20002495 0x20002495
Nokia E60 0x20001856 0x20001856
Nokia E61 0x20001858 0x20001858
Nokia E61i 0x20002D7F 0x20002D7F
Nokia E62 0x20001859 0x20001859
Nokia E65 0x20000604 0x20000604
Nokia E70 0x20001857 0x20001857
Nokia N71 0x200005FF 0x200005FF
Nokia N73 0x200005FB 0x200005FB
Nokia N75 0x200005FE 0x200005FE
Nokia N77 0x20000601 0x20000601
Nokia N80 0x200005F9 0x200005F9
Nokia N91 0x200005FC 0x200005FC
Nokia N92 0x200005FA 0x200005FA
Nokia N93 0x20000600 0x20000600
Nokia N93i 0x20000605 0x20000605

S60 3rd Edition, FP1

Nokia 5700
0x20002D7C 0x20002D7C
Nokia 6110
0x20002D7B 0x20002D7B
Nokia 6120
0x20002D7E 0x20002D7E
Nokia 6290 0x20000606 0x20000606
Nokia E90 0x20002496 0x20002496
Nokia N76 0x2000060A 0x2000060A
Nokia N95 0x2000060B 0x2000060B


Platform Device Product UID Machine/Platform UID

UIQ v2.0

0x101F617B 0x101F617B
SonyEricsson P80x 0x101F80BE 0x101F408B

UIQ v2.1

0x101F61CE 0x101F61CE
SonyEricsson P90x 0x101FBB35 0x101FB2AE
SonyEricsson P910 0x101FBB35 0x10200AC6

UIQ v3.0

0x101F6300 0x101F6300
SonyEricsson M600i 0x10274BF9
SonyEricsson P990i 0x1020E285
SonyEricsson W950i 0x10274BFA

UIQ v3.1

0x101F63DF 0x101F63DF
Motorola RIZR Z8

Other/Older Platforms

Series 80 v2.0 0x101F8ED2
Nokia 9300 0x101F8ED1
Nokia 9500 0x101F8DDB
Series 90
Nokia 7710 0x101FBE05
Nokia 7710
(Chinese Edition)
Development platforms
Series5mx 0x1000118a
Brutus board 0x10005f60
Cogent board 0x10005f61
Win32Emulator 0x10005f62
WinC 0x10005f63
CirrusLogic 7211 board 0x1000604f

How to use the UIDs

Platform UID
These UIDs shall be used in your PKG file to specify on which platform your application will work. As an example, an application running on Series 60 v0.9 platform will have the following line in its PKG:

(0x101F6F88), 0, 0, 0, {"Series60ProductID"}

Starting with S60 3rd Edition, the syntax is now:

[0x101F7961], 0, 0, 0, {"S60ProductID"}

Or for UIQ 3:

(0x101F6300), 3, 0, 0, {"UIQ30ProductID"}
(0x101F63DF), 3, 1, 0, {"UIQ31ProductID"}

Product UID
The product UID can be use instead of the platform UID if oyr application is specific to a single phone and not the whole platform family. Exemple for a Nokia 6630 specific application:

(0x101F7964), 0, 0, 0, {"Nokia6630ProductID"}

With S60 3rd Edition and later, you can use several phones target. Ex for N71 and N80:

[0x10275218], 0, 0, 0, {"Nokia N71 ID"}
[0x200005F9], 0, 0, 0, {"Nokia N80 ID"}

Machine UID

#include // also link to hal.lib

TInt mUid = 0;
HAL::Get(HALData::EMachineUid, mUid);


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