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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

11 Free Link Building Tips

Incoming links are an essential component of building a successful blog. Links give your blog more authority on Technorati and a higher Google Page Rank. Together, those ratings can make your blog more attractive to advertisers, which allows you to charge higher advertising rates. Additionally, as your blog grows in authority and your number of incoming links grows, your Google search engine rankings will rise, which equates to more traffic to your blog. With more traffic comes more ad impressions, greater potential for pay-per-click ads to actually be clicked on and ultimately, more money for you.

1. Write Content People Want to Read

The easiest way to get people to link to your blog from their own blogs and websites is to publish great content. Naturally, if you write posts that are interesting, useful and helpful, people will want to talk about those posts on their own blogs and share them with other people. That means more links to your blog!

2. Submit to Blog Directories

There are a number of blog directories where you can add a link to your blog such as BlogHer. Some even include a social aspect such as BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog, which provide multiple ways to increase the number of incoming links to your blog simply through your registration.

3. Get on Blogrolls

Once you have a good amount of compelling content published on your blog, approach other bloggers with equal or more authority than your blog (as demonstrated through their Technorati rankings and Google Page Rank) and suggest a blogroll reciprocal link. This is most successful when both blogs are related to the same subject and you develop a relationship with the other blogger by leaving comments on his or her blog prior to suggesting a blogroll link exchange.

4. Write Guest Posts

Guest blogging is a great way to not only drive new traffic to your blog and promote your blog but also to increase the number of incoming links to your blog. This is particularly helpful when you are able to write a guest post on a blog that has a higher Technorati authority and Google Page Rank than your blog has.

5. Hold Blog Contests

Blog contests are a great way to drive traffic to your blog and increase the number of incoming links to it. First, you can promote your blog contest on a variety of blog contest promotion sites to add incoming links. Additionally, you can include a contest rule that tells entrants they can earn an additional entry into your contest by writing about the contest on their own blogs with a link back to the original contest post.

6. Join Blog Carnivals

Blog carnivals are a simple way to increase the number of links to your blog. Simply find a blog carnival related to your blog's topic (or start your own), write a post for the carnival and submit your post link to the main blog carnival site. Your post link will be published as part of the blog carnival bringing in another free link that can also drive a significant amount of traffic.

7. Write Articles for Other Sites

There are many websites that accept submissions from just about anyone such as eHow and Associated Content. Additionally, pursue opportuntities to write for online magazines and publications related to your blog topic that accept freelance submissions. Be sure to include a link to your blog with your article and bio.

8. Create Other Blogs and Websites

Create additional blogs, websites, Squidoo lenses, HubPages hubs and more, and interlink all of them to increase your links exponentially.

9. Comment on Other Blogs

When you leave a comment on another blog, always be certain to include your blog's URL in the URL field of the comment form. While some blogs use the "NoFollow" HTML tag in their blog template (meaning the link back to your blog won't count by Google's standards) it's a good habit to always include your URL, so the opportunity always exists for an incoming link with every comment you submit.

10. Include Your Blog URL in Your Online Forum Signatures

Join online forums and message boards related to your blog topic and actively participate. Ensure your blog URL is included in your forum signature, so it appears as a live link each time you submit a message in the forum.

11. Participate in Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace provide areas where you can include your blog's URL in your profile. Use your social networking accounts to further promote your blog and drive additional traffic to it.


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